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• 1/15/2017

Quality VS Quantity

We have 65 pages as of now! That's good, right?

Not really. We'v been so concerned about how many pages we have we totally leave out any info or logic. On Firestar's page, it literally says 'basically killed by Tigerstar'. I find that pathetic. Pathetic. No gory details, no backstory, no info of the fight.

That's like saying 'this is basically a post'.
Because, yeah, it's a post. But if I just said 'this is basically a post', I'd look stupid and miseducated.

And I, for one, hate looking stupid and miseducated.

Peace out and all that jazz. I have pages that need editing.
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• 1/18/2017
Well, as of right now we, as in me and the co-founders, are trying to cut back on the amount of needed pages.

Such as just main characters and more important side characters. Then we move on to fanon stuff-- and soon. Anyway, there are a LOT of pages to edit. 65 is a lot. We are editing, and we are not going to be as detailed as either of the canon wikis.

Although I do have a suggestion --- Perhaps we do some important details, and then link to the canon wiki pages?
• 1/23/2017
Good idea! We probably won't be able to do all the characters and all the details, but we should do some of the important ones, maybe detail those a bit, and link others to the two wikis.

I'm just saying that if we keep adding more canon, and nothing gets done with them, then it kind of puts the wiki in a bad shape.
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