A typical IceWing; colored by Platypus the SeaWing, art by Joy Ang


IceWings are bluish white dragons with long stigs on their tails and spines and frostbreath powers. They live in the north on the continent of Pyrrhia. This page is a WIP.




The IceWings appear to be fairly sophisticated in comparison to the other tribes, being the only dragons to have social classes. The social order seems to be a little reminiscent of a lower-level Russian 1800's society combined with something that seems a little Spartan. Almost all of them are full of themselves. They also seem to be good planners due to their use of the animus IceWings in their tribe.

The IceWing tribe is divided into seven ranks, or circles, of status, with the First Circle being the best and the Seventh Circle being the worst. They separate dragonets and adults into two different divisions. Before their seventh hatching day, IceWing dragonets climb up the ranks by hunting, training, performing the proper IceWing customs impeccably, and surpassing various tests given by the dragonets' parents or guardians. (For example, Winter was sent out to spend the night in a blizzard alone while he was still very young.) The current rank possessed by the dragonet on their seventh hatching day determines the course of the rest of his or her life, although adult dragons are still capable of dropping or gaining circles. Dragonets who were ranked in a high-ranked circle are housed in the queen's palace when they are adults and are granted input on important political and tribal matters as well. This system is called the Gift of Order, a wall of ice showing the ranks of each and every noble dragon and dragonet. The place where you rank on your seventh hatching day determines where you will live as an adult.

However, the Diamond Trial is also another last-minute possibility. It is a test where a low-ranked IceWing challenges the highest-ranked. For the Diamond Trial, the low-ranked dragon must kill the highest ranked dragon in order for him/her to advance to first place. However, this is risky and the challenger may end up getting killed by the dragon that is being challenged. An animus-touched ice wall with the names of all of the dragonets shows their social rank. If a dragonet dies or is exiled for some reason, the name is slashed through. Once a dragonet turns seven, they are moved to the adult rankings, which determine where they live.

Only noble IceWings use this class system.

IceWings have a strict behavior to uphold - Winter describes it as "undignified" when Moon is hugging her mother.

IceWings tend to be very proud, stiff, and arrogant dragons. Tribal pride isn't a secret among the IceWings, and thus their tribe consists of very haughty and uptight individuals. On the rare occasion that an IceWing interacts with a member of another tribe, it's usually very formal and forced; the IceWings believe that their tribe is superior to any other and that the other tribes are just a footnote in the great IceWing sagas that told the history of Pyrrhia. Thus, the entire time they're talking to someone, it's usually with disdain. (See scrolls for more on their education.)

The royal family has a procedure of decapitating dead members before proceeding to store the IceWing's frozen head on the wall of dead royal family members and then slide the corpse into the ocean, according to Snowflake in Runaway.


Can exhale a deadly frostbreath that freezes everything it touches. The cure to this is placing whatever part of the body was covered in frostbreath and dunk it in hot water, this was shown in Darkness of Dragons.. THey can also survive sub-zero temperatures as shown that they live in the arctic.




  • Darkstalker (NightWing-IceWing hybrid, animus)
  • Whiteout (NightWing-IceWing hybrid)


  • Alba
  • Changbai
  • Cirrus
  • Darkstalker (also half NightWing)
  • Ermine
  • Fjord
  • Hvitur
  • Lynx
  • Snowflake
  • Snowfox


  • Possibly all animus characters are descendants of IceWings
    • This is shown in the series, because, Darkstalker, an animus NightWing-IceWing, was half-IceWing
  • When too warm, IceWings cannot use their frostbreath, similar to how MudWings cannot use their fire if they are too cold
  • There are 20 known IceWings