A typical NightWing; colored by Platypus the SeaWing, art by Joy Ang

NightWings are one of the seven canon tribes in the Wings of Fire series and are stereotyped as the evil tribe. They are the only tribe where there is a predictable source of magic linked to their abilities. The tribe have a heavily antagonistic relationship with IceWings due to the events in Darkstalker (Legends).


NightWings are typically dark colored, with scattered stars on their wing membranes to mimic the night sky. The patterns for these stars are genetic, and the parents' star patterns are mimicked in the dragonet.

They have dark eyes that can be any color, as Foeslayer's were described as a "dark green," although it was so dark it was almost black. They have straight horns of medium length that can appear twisted in certain cases. Their claws are short and they have a somewhat thick build.

NightWings have forked black tongues and are occasionally seen with a silver tear-drop scale at the corner of their eyes. These special scales signify that the dragon has special powers, but most NightWings say it only signifies mind reading.


The Old Kingdom

The very first known NightWing Kingdom was situated in the 'claw' of Pyrrhia, which was once much larger before they conducted a mass evacuation of the kingdom due to Darkstalker.

The Old Kingdom is described as having huge ravines, as if a dragon raked her claws through the ground. The tribe made their home in the ravines, with more desirable and larger homes near the top. These homes signified wealth and close ties to the palace, while the lower homes suggested poverty. Several homes had flowerboxes, where the tribe could grow various plants. These flower boxes were a small source of revenge Darkstalker took on his neighbors.

The Volcano

The Tribe fled to the volcano long ago to escape Darkstalker and fear of him has lingered in the tribe ever since.

The Rainforest

After Glory became queen of both RainWings and the NightWings she let them stay in the Rainforest where Mightyclaws used his power from Darkstalker to make homes for them.


NightWings form lifelong partnerships, similar to SeaWings. Their dragonets live in dormitories located in caves on the sides of the volcano. They are not allowed to go to the mainland until they are at least ten years old because they "can't keep NightWing secrets safe."

NightWing names are very literal, although sometimes ironic. These dragonets are usually named according to their talents; for example, Morrowseer got his name for "seeing" the "morrow." Morrow is short for tomorrow, meaning the future. Deathbringer's name refers to his occupation as an assassin. Queen Battlewinner presumably got hers for military strategy, or perhaps a future battle which was predicted to be won by her. Moonwatcher was named for as she hatched, her eyes reflected the moons. NightWings are occasionally named for physical traits, like Fierceteeth, Mightyclaws, Bigtail, and Strongwings, or after character virtues, like Greatness or Vengeance. Exactly how they know what a dragon's talent will be when it hatches is unknown. It is plausible that they might wait and see for it to appear, or have another NightWing predict it, although this is unlikely because it was revealed NightWings have not had powers in several centuries. Glory mentions in The Hidden Kingdom that in scrolls, NightWings always had "mouthful names". This is probably because most of them have two-part names. Also, in Moon Rising, Winter says to Moonwatcher, "We know all your names are lies", stating that NightWing names may be what the parents hope their dragonets will be, rather than what they may actually be.

Complete loyalty seems to be an emphasized NightWing trait, as many of their actions (abducting RainWings, false dragonet prophecy, murders,) point towards a "blind loyalty" to their tribe, the willingness to do anything for their tribe, even wiping out another tribe of dragons.

Before the NightWings fled to the volcanic island, they were, as Clearsight told Darkstalker, a tribe with a social culture, gaining from trades with the other tribes. Clearsight told Listener that every NightWing dragonet needs education, which shows that NightWings valued intelligence.


They have mind reading or prophecy if they hatch under one moon, 2 moons give both and 3 moons make them even stronger. They can breathe fire and have an internal fire inside them, and they are practically invisible in darkness. They also have an enhanced sense of smell, and the dragons that grew up on the volcano have poisonous saliva.



  • Queen Battlewinner
  • Princess Greatness
  • Queen Vigilance
  • Princess Firefly


  • Darkstalker (IceWing/NightWing hybrid; animus)
  • Whiteout (IceWing/NightWing hybrid)
  • Stonemover (animus)
  • Firefly (NightWing/RainWing hybrid)
  • Peacemaker (NightWing/RainWing hybrid)


  • Allknowing
  • Bigtail
  • Clearsight
  • Deadlyclaws
  • Deathbringer
  • Discretion
  • Eclipse
  • Farsight
  • Fatespeaker
  • Fearless
  • Fierceteeth
  • Princess Firefly (also RainWing)
  • Foeslayer
  • Foreseer
  • Jewel-eyes
  • Listener
  • Mastermind
  • Mightyclaws
  • Mindreader
  • Moonwatcher
  • Morrowseer
  • Morrowwatcher
  • Obsidian
  • Peacemaker (also RainWing)
  • Preyhunter
  • Prudence
  • Quickdeath
  • Quickstrike
  • Secretkeeper
  • Shapeshifter
  • Slaughter
  • Starclaws
  • Starflight
  • Strongwings
  • Swiftwings
  • Thoughtful
  • Truthfinder
  • Tunesmith
  • Vengeance
  • Vision
  • Wisdom


  • Of all the books (winglets and legends), NightWings have the most PoVs of all the other tribes. Books include The Dark Secret (Starflight), The Brightest Night (Sunny), Moon Rising (Moonwatcher), Darkstalker (Clearsight and Darkstalker), Runaway (Foeslayer), Assassin (Deathbringer) and Prisoners (Fierceteeth)
  • NightWings are one of the four tribes that have hybrids. The others are SeaWings, IceWings and RainWings.
  • NightWings are the only tribe who have had more than one kingdom.
  • They are the third tribe to have animus magic (the others being IceWings and SeaWings), but this was mainly due to Darkstalker and Prince Arctic being animus.