Peril is a young, copper orange female SkyWing with too much fire, more commonly known as firescales. It has been shown that she can melt through metal, and accidentally light things on fire. She doesn't seem to like burning things very much.


Bright metallic-orange copper-colored scales with trails of smoke floating out of them, and veins of gold run through her glimmering copper wings. She has sharp blue eyes, described 'like someone bundled up and immersed it in fire until it burned from the inside' by Glory. Other features are a long tail, sharp shimmering teeth and full sized horns.


Contrary to her first appearance in The Dragonet Prophecy, Peril's real personality showed itself in Escaping Peril as being hilarious, unapologetic, bold and fierce, and annoyed as Ex-Queen Scarlet shaped her this way. After she met Prince Turtle, she was finally able to express herself to someone other than Clay. At first, she doubted Turtle's desire to be her friend, but by the end of Escaping Peril, she was sure he wanted to be her friend, as he had come to see if she was all right after Queen Ruby and ex-Queen Scarlet's gladiator battle. After she had ripped off the necklace enchanted by her father, Peril realized that she could have a chance at being liked with her firescales - but without Scarlet. From the moment since she saved Clay's life in The Brightest Night, Peril has tried her hardest to be the best dragon she can be.

She is not a cold-blooded killer, but just a dragon who saw killing as her purpose. She believed that it was what she was born to do as this is what Scarlet convinced her to believe and that she couldn't do anything else. When she was offered the chance to go with the other dragonets, she replied that she shouldn't be able to go with them until she has figured out how to make her own destiny. She is shown to be sympathetic and caring at times, particularly to Clay, showing that she's not the psychotic killer that she appears to be. Peril is also rather possessive and clingy, even going as far as betraying the dragonets to Queen Scarlet in exchange for being able to keep Clay.

In The Dragonet Prophecy, Peril is quite cheery and upbeat and is shown to be strangely enthusiastic about fighting in the arena and killing other dragons, probably because she was raised to do so and was never told it was wrong. After the fight with Horizon, she doesn't seem to have much of a problem with the fact that the SandWing had violently killed himself by burning himself on her scales, besides the fact that it had been "poor form" for Horizon to commit suicide instead of fighting back. 

By the events of The Brightest Night, and in the second series, she is noticeably more gloomy and brooding. Peril seems to be guilty and see herself as a monster because of what she did in the arena and feels that it is her responsibility to find Scarlet to protect Clay and do anything to please him. In Moon Rising, Moonwatcher sees inside her head; to her, it is an inferno and is too hard to read. The flames did, however, subside when Clay was near her, enabling Moon to feel Peril's strong love for him.

In Escaping Peril, which Peril was the protagonist of, she appears awkward, moody, restless, and brooding. She makes many sarcastic and/or awkward comments around Turtle, the dragon she meets at the Jade Mountain Academy. She tries to not sound like a murderer and often repeats things to try to make her sound less creepy. Unfortunately for her, this usually has the opposite effect and ends up scaring others. She sometimes becomes annoyed and angry, like around Winter. Around the rest of the Jade Winglet, she is defensive. When she gets the necklace that her father, Chameleon/Soar, made, she is very happy and joyful. The necklace, containing a scrap of Darkstalker's scroll in it, is enchanted to keep her completely loyal to Queen Scarlet and erases her memories of Clay, and it also removes her firescales condition. After Queen Scarlet is dead, she is shown to be much more caring and calm. Throughout most of the book, she wonders what Clay would think, but eventually decides she should do what she thinks is right. Because of that, it seems she idolizes Clay, thinking everything he does is right.



Peril was born to Kestrel, her mother, and Chameleon, her father, in his SkyWing form, Soar. Even though her father is a RainWing, because of his enchantment he was a full SkyWing when she was born, therefore Peril is not half RainWing, but full SkyWing. The egg she hatched from had twins, a very rare occurrence, but while Peril was still in the egg, she absorbed her twin brother's fire. This left him with too little fire and her with an abnormally large amount. Because of this, Kestrel was banned from the breeding program by Queen Scarlet to prevent her from producing any more firescales offspring like Peril. After Kestrel tried to escape with her dragonets, Queen Scarlet caught her, then told her to kill one of the dragonets, saying that she and her remaining offspring would be spared. Kestrel did so, choosing the dragon with too little fire to sacrifice in Queen Scarlet's name and killing him with her own claws. However, Scarlet went back on her word and decided to kill the remaining dragonet and put Kestrel on trial for no specific reason, but for the "fun" of it. Kestrel then attempted to flee with Peril, but her talons and palms were burned as a result of Peril's blazing scales, leaving strange burn scars on her palms (which are later mentioned by the dragonets and also are critical to Kestrel's claim to be her mother). Kestrel had no choice but to escape, leaving Peril behind, as SkyWing guards approached (one of the guards, Osprey, later becomes one of Peril's only friends). After Peril was taken back to the queen's palace, she was raised to fight for the queen. Queen Scarlet told Peril lies about her past to cover up for Kestrel's flight. She told that Peril herself scorched her twin brother to death while they were still in the egg and that her mother had tried to kill her, but Queen Scarlet had saved her and punished Kestrel with death.

Scarlet had also deceived Peril into thinking she had to eat black rocks (possibly coals) every day to survive. Scarlet made certain that Peril would have to stay in the palace and not break free from her control if she ever found out the truth about Kestrel. When Peril stopped eating the rocks once, as a young dragonet, Queen Scarlet poisoned her food, which made her fatally sick. But once Peril began eating the rocks again, the queen ceased poisoning her food and successfully fooled Peril into thinking the rocks were actually necessary for her survival.

As a young dragonet of about a year and a half old, Peril was kept in a cage of black rocks, similar to the ones she "had to" eat, by Scarlet. On the day before the brightest night, Scarlet had her "new toy" demonstrate her capabilities to Princess Burn, Prince Hawk, Prince Vermilion, and Princess Ruby, by burning the seven SkyWing eggs scheduled to hatch that night to ash. Peril seemed worried that Scarlet would be mad at her for burning the egg handed to her, and hesitated before Scarlet ordered her to burn the rest of them.

Peril could burn through any substance (but solid rock), making her invulnerable yet cursed (as she couldn't touch any other dragon without burning them, besides Clay). Due to her invulnerability and ability to easily burn opponents to death, she was raised by Queen Scarlet to become her arena champion, where she had killed hundreds of dragons in the arena without a second thought, becoming a "monster" who didn't know how to be "nice". Thanks to Queen Scarlet, killing was the only thing Peril knew and was "good" at.

The Dragonet Prophecy

The dragonets had noted that their SkyWing guardian, Kestrel, had odd scorch marks on her talons, but had never asked her where they came from. Later, when Clay was taken a prisoner, Peril befriended him and began to develop strong feelings for him because he was the only dragon who really understood her (right then). When Clay told her that when he hatched, he was supposedly so vicious towards the other eggs that the Guardians of the Dragonets had to throw him in the river, (proven later to be his bigwings instincts), Peril suggested that maybe they were both born to kill, seemed pleased at the idea that someone else was like her. Inside the arena, Peril helped heal Clay's scratches and wounds by pouring warm mud on his back and later helped him rescue his friends. At one point, Queen Scarlet forbade Peril from watching Kestrel's trial and Peril mentioned that she hadn't been prohibited from doing so before and wanted to know why, so she decided to hide behind Clay and watch the trial in secret. She then learned the truth about her mother, who turned out to be Kestrel, and angrily called upon the Champion's Shield so she could try to protect her from execution when Scarlet ordered it. Although this ultimately resulted in the death of Peril's older friend Osprey, Peril bought her mother some time. Before Peril left, she told Kestrel, "I may not want you to die, but I don't want to know you," and later regretted this. Peril attempted to help Clay and his friends escape, only to betray them to Scarlet so that she wouldn't have to lose Clay, who she had grown strongly attached to and slightly possessive of.

Later, Peril was pitted against Clay in Scarlet's Arena for the Champion's Shield face-off. Peril wasn't used to dragons fighting back, giving Clay a slight advantage. Clay attempted to convince Peril to be friends, while Peril tried to get him to abandon the other dragonets for her, but Clay refused to. Due to his strength, Clay had pinned her down. Then the supposedly sleeping Glory spat her corrosive venom at Burn, who pushed Queen Scarlet in front of her and made the venom melt half of her face, causing the arena to erupt into panic and confusion. At this moment, Peril relented and helped Clay and his friends escape. After Clay and his friends escaped, it was briefly thought that Peril was the 'Wings of Sky' in the prophecy, but Kestrel noted that Peril was a year too old. During the escape, Peril made peace with her mother Kestrel, although she did not go with her, claiming that they'll meet up one day to learn more about each other. This never happened, however, as Kestrel was killed by Blister in the epilogue.


Mother: Kestrel (deceased)

Father: Chameleon (as Soar)

Twin Brother: Ember (deceased)


"You can't die! I won't let you!" - To Clay in The Brightest Night

" I am your friend! It's not fair!" - To Clay in The Dragonet Prophecy

" Yes, I'm Queen Scarlet's notorious death monster" - To Prince Turtle in Escaping Peril


  • Unlike all other firescales and animi, Peril wasn't killed after being hatched
  • 'Peril' mean serious and immediate danger