Queen Glacier is a female IceWing and former queen of the IceWings after her death in Talons of Power. She was allied with Ex-Princess Blaze during the great war, but only because of the promise of land to help her tribe. Glacier died due to a plague that Darkstalker made to kill all IceWings


Glacier is described in the epilogue of The Dark Secret as "tall and imposing." The IceWing queen has snow-white scales and ice-blue eyes.


  • Daughter: Queen Snowfall
  • Brothers: Prince Narwhal and one unnamed one
  • Sister-in-law: Tundra
  • Nephews: Prince Winter, Prince Hailstorm
  • Niece: Princess Icicle




  • A glacier is a large body of ice that moves very slowly
  • She is one of the few queens that died but not because she was challenged
  • Glacier was the first of five confirmed IceWings to catch the mysterious plague