Queen Thorn is a pale, sandy yellow female SandWing and the current queen of her tribe. She is also Sunny's mother and the former leader of the Outclaws.


Thorn is wiry and has sandy yellow scales dappled with a pattern of small brown speckles along her back and down her wings. She wears a gold chain of flying dragons as a bracelet on one of her upper forearms and a simple copper chain with a moonstone pendant around her neck.


Daughter: Sunny

Adoptive son: Qibli

Possible love interest: Smolder

Mate: Stonemover



Before the events of The Dragonet Prophecy, Thorn met a male NightWing named Stonemover while he was out in the desert. After they met, she kept coming back to meet him, and eventually their relationship grew; in result, he confided in her and told her what he was working on: he admitted that he was an animus dragon, and that he was building a tunnel to help his tribe. Eventually, the two fell in love. Only two dragons, (Armadillo and Six-Claws), knew Thorn's secret. Stonemover and Thorn had one egg, but Thorn did not tell him that she was with egg, as Stonemover had become cold and distant over time; Thorn had wanted to wait until he apologized to tell him. However, shortly before she laid her egg, Stonemover mysteriously vanished, with no good-bye or traces of his disappearance. That was when a NightWing by the name of Morrowseer had seen her near the tunnels, and told her that Stonemover was never coming back and that it was her fault.

In attempt to keep her relationship with Stonemover a secret, she buried her egg out in the desert, and gave one of her friends, a SandWing named Dune, the job of protecting and checking on her egg. He also helped come up with names for her dragonet, one being Sunny. Thorn's pet name for Sunny's egg, however, was Beetle. She also posted several Wanted signs around the Scorpion Den, along with promises of a reward. The Wanted posters featured Morrowseer (she wanted him dead or alive, as she suspected that he had done something to her egg), Stonemover (she wanted him alive, as she missed him and wanted her dragonet's father to return) and of Dune, (she wanted him dead or alive, as he stole her egg for The Dragonet Prophecy.)

Thorn later formed The Outclaws to bring order and protection to the Scorpion Den, and as leader of the Outclaws, she continued to look for her missing dragonet, Stonemover, Dune, and Morrowseer, but with no luck.

The Brightest Night

Thorn is first seen when Fierceteeth, Strongwings, and Preyhunter arrive at the Scorpion Den with information on the whereabouts of the Dragonets of Destiny, followed by Sunny. Thorn ignores what they have to say about the dragonets, and instead asks if they've seen Dune, Morrowseer, or Stonemover. When Preyhunter claims that Morrowseer is dead, Thorn then said that they are a lying bag of bones and kills him with a quick stab of her tail (because he lashed out at her with his claws), then inquires about Morrowseer again.

Sunny then steps forward and confirms that Morrowseer is dead. Thorn asks about Stonemover, then dismisses Fierceteeth and Strongwings, but keeps Sunny inside and brings her into a back room. Another dragonet named Qiblifollows her in protectively. She then finds out and informs Sunny that she is her mother, and plans a welcome party for her. However, before anything else can happen, reports of a dragonbite viper (the only snake that can kill a dragon with one bite) near an orphanage arrives and she has to leave. After a short nap, Sunny is kidnapped by Addax and brought to Burn's Stronghold. The "viper" was merely a distraction for Addax to kidnap Sunny.

Thorn led The Outclaws in an assault on the stronghold and managed to get inside with the help of Peril. She had Smolder bring her to see the stuffed NightWing in Burn's collection, which, to her relief, wasn't Stonemover. Afterward, Smolder brought them to the library filled with notes and letters, claiming that one of them was for Thorn. When another SandWing came by and said that Burn might be coming back, Smolder locked Thorn and Sunny inside to await Burn's return; he was not taking any chances to be killed. Luckily, Sunny was able to burn through the doors without setting fire to the surrounding papers and they escaped, reuniting with the rest of the Outclaws and promptly retreating to the Scorpion Den.

Later, Thorn is one of the SandWings present when Burn, Blister, Blaze, and the dragon tribes meet at Burn's stronghold. After Burn is killed by a dragonbite viper, she helps hold down Clay when he is bitten by the same snake, and also helps dig up the skeleton of Queen Oasis, at Flower's instruction. Sunny discovers the precious treasure, the Eye of Onyx, in the jaws of Queen Oasis' skeleton, and is faced with a choice between Blister and Blaze. She gives it to Thorn instead, and Thorn whispers to her that it's all very strange and that she hopes that Sunny will be around to help.

One month later, Thorn made her way with the dragonets to Jade Mountain to visit Stonemover. Their meeting is described by Sunny as "awkward."

Moon Rising

Qibli briefly mentions Thorn a few times, consulting to himself, "What would Thorn think?," and, "What would Thorn do?" He is also loyal to Thorn when Onyx questions Thorn's right to the throne.

Winter Turning

Qibli formally introduces himself as Queen Thorn's adviser when the Jade Winglet is in Queen Glory's royal pavilion.

Later in Possibility, Qibli comments on Mayfly's garden and wanted to tell Thorn about the glass structure there.

Escaping Peril

While arguing over Darkstalker's Scroll, Qibli says that Queen Thorn should be given the scroll.

Talons of Power

She was mentioned in the epilogue when three oases were bombed. Dragons growled about why their queen wasn't protecting them.

Darkness of Dragons

She was mentioned by Vulture when he was speaking to Qibli. He mentioned that Thorn only cared about herself and wasn't helping the attacks, which Qibli objects to.

Later, Qibli goes to Thorn's stronghold. He gives her one of the copies of Qibli's earring, explaining its use against Darkstalker's magic. He also explains everything about Darkstalker becoming king, and Typhoon mentions the IceWing Plague. The group figures out Darkstalker's enchantment on the IceWings, and Thorn has Qibli creating earrings for all of the IceWings, then the SandWings. When Vulture and Onyx try to seize power she captures Onyx and prepares to fight an arena battle against her, which is interrupted by a sandstorm created by Qibli. After the sandstorm, she goes into the dungeons to look for Onyx and Smolder.


  • It is most likely that Thorn has feelings for Smolder, shown in Darkness of Dragons
  • Thorn's nickname for Sunny while Sunny was still in the egg was Beetle, shown in The Brightest Night


"It's not my favorite part of the role, but if you want to lead dragons, you have to show them your claws sometimes, Beetle." - To Sunny about killing Preyhunter

"Frog-faced blob of camel spit!” - Thorn's favorite insult

"Pompous worm-faced snob-head camel turd." - Thorn to Sunny about Morrowseer.

"Blood-red eggs and fireballs! I'm going to flay that dragon alive!" - About Smolder when he locks her and Sunny in the library

"Oh no! Moonlickers! Six-Claws, you idiot!" - When she sees Six-Claws trying to get back inside Burn's stronghold to rescue her

"I am the queen, you camel-chewing, snore-a-minute son of a toad." -Thorn showing Smolder her most elegant language.