A typical SkyWing; colored by Platypus the SeaWing, art by Joy Ang

SkyWings are one of the seven canon dragon tribes of the continent Pyrrhia. They are noted to be the fastest fliers of all the tribes due to their wing structure and have the closest affinity to fire, being able to breath it no matter the conditions. MudWings are the only tribe know to be immune to flame, but seeing as that's only in the rare case of being hatched from a blood egg, SkyWings have the closer connection. They come in various shade of flame, varying from clementine oranges to blood red crimsons, and are typically named after birds, colors, mountain aspects, or fire.

In the War of SandWing Succession they were allied with Burn, but after Queen Ruby seized the throne, she temporarily retreated from the war, preferring to "restore order in the Sky Kingdom" after her mother's brutal reign, before partaking in any battles. This led to Burn hating her more than she did Scarlet. Unfortunately for the brutish candidate for the SandWing throne, she died shortly after this grudge was formed.


SkyWings have enormous wings, each roughly the size of a dragon when stretched out. They are typically hued in warm colors such as reds, oranges, yellows, and even occasionally shades of pink. Copper scales are also a genetic possibility, but only appear on Peril, likely a side effect of her firescales. Their eyes tend to be amber or yellow, but shades of red and copper are possible. Blue eyes have also appeared, but only on Peril, presumably another side effect of her fiery scales.

Their slim, aerodynamic build, long, graceful necks, powerful chests, and strong respiratory system allow them to fly at both high speeds and in high altitudes. Their tails are long and come to a sharp point, and they have long, curving horns that can sometimes twist inward.

SkyWings used to be seen as incredibly grumpy and have been stereotyped as bloodthirsty and warlike. This may have just been under ex-Queen Scarlet’s rule, as she was sadistic and brutal when it came to ruling her tribe, as proven by her arena days. Currently, they seem to be far more happy and peaceful under Queen Ruby’s rule, and have even displayed musical interests.


SkyWings live in the “wing” of Pyrrhia, a territory mainly composed of the Claws of the Clouds mountain range. They prefer to live in the peaks of the mountains among the harsh winds, leaving several of the underground caves untouched (though said caves were used by the Talons of Peace to shelter the original DoD from the outside world). It is possible said Talons used the caves as a brief camp as well.

Their palace, in which Queen Ruby currently resides, is described to be a mix of tall spires and open sky. The concepts of the sky and freedom are heavily found throughout the architecture and various embellishments, such as the throne carved in the shape of clouds and gold tracing cloud patterns in the rock. During Scarlet's reign, a prison was erected in which prisoners were kept on tall spires of rock around an arena, with the exception of Hailstorm, who was kept prisoner under an animus enchantment.

The arena was originally used for fights under Scarlet's rule, but Ruby turned it into a hospital for injured dragons, much to the anger of Scarlet.

The SkyWings used to be in an ongoing battle with the SandWings over a swath of territory near the Five Tail River (not unlike RiverClan and ThunderClan with Sunningrocks). The battle seems to be somewhat solved due to a prosperous town called Possibility on the piece of disputed territory.


SkyWings used to be heavily dependent on the war, since their entire culture seemed to hinge temporarily on prisoner battles and battle prowess. Despite this, they did keep honor and justice in mind, as some traditions like the Champion’s Shield, in which the current champion could defend a sentenced dragon, are still in use.

However, this no longer seems to be the case, as under Queen Ruby’s rule, SkyWings have begun to turn to more peaceful things, such as orchestra. The arena was converted to a hospital for wounded soldiers, another showcase that the violent reputation of SkyWings could possibly be caused entirely by Scarlet’s rule.

The SkyWing dragonets are typically named after mountain aspects (ex. Avalanche and Cliff), birds (Kestrel and Eagle), colors (Vermillion and Scarlet), or gemstones (Garnet and Ruby). There have been a few exceptions to this, such as the cases of Peril and Princess Sunset, but for the most part, the tribe sticks to those categories.

The SkyWings were in a temporary state of upheaval when Glory spat venom at their queen, potentially killing her. Scarlet disappeared almost immediately after, leaving the entire tribe without a ruler until Ruby took the throne. Much to Burn’s dismay, she refused to partake in any battles until she had calmed the kingdom and restored order. During this time, the converted the former arena into a hospital for wounded soldiers and withdrew her forces from the front lines of the war.

SkyWing dragonets are raised in a hatchery that seems to be similar to a human daycare. There are practice dummies, blunted toy weapons, and high ledges for the dragonets to play and practice with. Padded rugs on the ground protect the dragonets from harm if they fall off said ledges, and a wide area closest to the ceiling has ropes and obstacles to help improve their flying. SkyWing mothers are shown to care a lot about their dragonets, defending them fiercely from harm, which is very different than some other tribes.

SkyWings have a ceremony for dragons after death, in which they wrap the dragon/dragonet in a shroud and set it somewhere high up and open to the sky, so the SkyWing spirit can rise out of the body and come back as a SkyWing, instead of a dragon from another tribe. Scarlet did not particularly care about this ceremony, having little interest in dragons after they died. Nevertheless, she alowed them to continue this ritual.


SkyWings are primarily known for their speed, which is unique to their tribe alone and is due largely to their huge wings and powerful respiratory and cardiovascular system. They seem to have the closest affinity to fire, and are able to breathe large amounts of it at very high temperatures. SkyWings are often described as strong but occasionally very small, possibly so they are more aerodynamic and able to slip through small crevices in their mountain habitat.

SkyWings have a rare chance of being hatched with firescales, like Peril was. These allow the dragon to burn anything they touch, except for things like stone, and, very rarely, other dragons immune to fire. Peril could touch Clay without any affect. Most often, SkyWings kill the dragonets with any special abilities (such as firescales and animus dragons). However, Scarlet allowed Peril to live for her own purposes.

There have been times where a dragon with too little fire has hatched, but this is also rare. SkyWings typically kill off these dragons as well, presumably because they would be too weak to survive.



  • Queen Carmine
  • Prince Cliff
  • Prince Hawk
  • Queen Ruby
  • Queen Scarlet
  • Princess Sunset
  • Queen Tourmaline
  • Prince Vermilion



  • Kestrel
  • Cardinal
  • Osprey
  • Avalanche


  • SkyWings seem to be the most stereotypical dragons. The common image for European dragons is bright red scales, an affinity to fire, and lots of treasure; the SkyWings fit all three stereotypes.
  • SkyWings seem to have some sort of religion, or at least somewhat believe in reincarnation; in Escaping Peril, it is noted by Peril that SkyWings have a tradition where they set their dead upon a mountaintop for a week, so that their spirits can come back as SkyWings and not return as any other dragon.
  • They were allied with Princess Burn and the MudWings in the War of SandWing Succession.
  • SkyWings were originally seen as the friendly tribe, originally stated by Fathom. However, we do not know if he was being sincere or sarcastic.