ThunderClan is one of the four Clans that in the Warriors series and is mainly the protagonist Clan throughout the arcs in the Warriors books.


Forest Territory

In the setting of the first arc, ThunderClan lived in a deciduous forest to the southeast of Fourtrees. Their camp was a sandy ravine carved out by an ancient river, surrounded by thorn bushes for protection.

Other features of the forest ThunderClan territory include:

  • The Sandy Hollow, a hollow filled with soft sand where apprentices could train with their mentors without getting hurt.
  • The Great Sycamore, one of the largest trees in the forest where cats could practice climbing.
  • The Snakerocks, which were filled with snakes and often avoided in favor of better hunting spots, except in the harsh moons of leaf-bare.
  • The Sunningrocks, rocks which were warmed by the sunlight, located by the river.  These were often warred over with RiverClan.
  • The Owl Tree, home to a large owl which hunted by night.

Lake Territory

After the journey to the lake, ThunderClan lived in a forest to the northeast of the lake.  Their camp is an abandoned quarry cut out seasons ago by Twolegs, protected by the high cliffs around.

Other features of the lake ThunderClan territory include:

  • The Greenleaf Twolegplace, an area where Twolegs visit in greenleaf.  This strip of territory was given to ShadowClan, but it was taken back in a battle.
  • The Sky Oak, a huge oak tree where apprentices practice climbing.
  • The Abandoned Twoleg Nest, an old, crumbling Twoleg nest.  Herbs can be found here, but it is often described as having an ominous feeling.


ThunderClan eat a variety of forest prey, including squirrels, birds, mice, voles, shrews, and the occasional rabbit.  They are shown to dislike fish, finding it foul and slimy and disgusting.


Some noteable members of ThunderClan were/are...



  • Graystripe
  • Bramblestar
  • Squirrelflight (sister of Leafpool and adopted her kits)
  • Lionblaze
  • Hollyleaf
  • Dovewing
  • Ivypool
  • Sparkpelt
  • Alderheart

Medicine Cats

  • Jayfeather
  • Leafpool
  • Spottedleaf
  • Yellowfang


  • Stempaw
  • Spotpaw
  • Eaglepaw
  • Plumpaw
  • Shellpaw
  • Snappaw


  • ThunderClan was founded by Thunderstar, then known as Thunder.
  • The clan name was dubbed by Silver Stripe
  • ThunderClan's original name was StarClan. Vicky soon realized that this was a much better name for their warrior ancestors, and thus the name was changed to ThunderClan, and StarClan was given to their deceased ancestors.
  • ThunderClan is the protagonist Clan in most of the Warriors books, and all of the books for the first five series.
  • ThunderClan was the fourth "clan" to be established (although it wasn't called such until much later)