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    Okay kids gather round and sing the FowlClan song gather round and read my blogpost I guess

    There are two categories for completion status: Incomplete and Semi-Complete.  Complete pages don't have a completion category.

    Pages are considered incomplete if they have less than two sections complete or less than four sections started.  These pages have little to no information on them and need serious work.

    Semi-Complete pages are not incomplete but not quite complete.  These pages need work but aren't quite as high-priority (unless they're a major page such as WindClan or IceWings).  Placeholders, obviously, do not count as starting a section

    So yeah basically Just Keep Editing (TM) 

    I also didn't quite think of these exact guidelines while putting …

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    December 17, 2016 by Willowlight7

    MarshClan live in marshes near the lake, close to RiverClan territory.  Their camp is a patch of land well hidden by willow trees, and the dens are woven out of reeds and branches like RiverClan's so they float in the frequent floods.  Their leader will address cats from a branch of a willow tree in the center, with the den at the roots.  There is an old beaver dam not too far from the camp, where apprentices often train and learn to recognize the scent of beaver.  A few clumps of oak trees near the edge of their territory provide good hunting.  There is a MarshClan also claim the patches of moorland by the Horseplace, as well as the Horseplace itself, though they usually avoid the Twolegs and their dens.

    Their borders go from the edge of t…

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